Keep it Natural, Keep it real!

A little bit about me:)

As a busy mum of 2 girls I completely understand the busy lives we as women have today, juggling work, kids play dates, parks, and after school activities. So, making sure I have a style that is comfortable, fits in with my lifestyle, looks good and makes me feel happy/confident every day.

Turning 40 was a major turning point in my life, I was going through a huge amount of mental questioning, is this it? Is this what I am meant to do for the rest of my life? Am I following my dreams I had set out for myself?  I embarked on my own journey of self discovery which included learning about what colours and styles suited me for who I am today, not yesterday not tomorrow but today.  I was able to present myself in the best way possible and provide myself  with a new sense of confidence. I realised; that not only was I being presented as the person I wanted to be, but how wearing your natural colours and styles  made me feel.

What you wear has a massive impact on your emotional wellbeing, but also to those around you. Image is so much more than just what you see at first glance, and yes that first impression is SUPER important, but you need to focus on the inside too, if the inside is out of whack everything else will feel out too. Getting to know who YOU are and the impact you leave behind you when you are not there is something we should all pay attention too.
Our Image is our appearance, our communication and our behaviour. Working and improving on all of these is the most rewarding thing you can offer yourself.

I spent my earlier year’s in sales within the health and beauty industry, working with health products, aromatherapy, and herbal tinctures. Selling these products and applying them into my own daily life and seeing how they helped customers, moulded me into the healthy and natural person I strive to be today. Well-being is very important to me and am rather a Yoga junkie and living healthy.

Working in a corporate Recruitment environment for 10 years, has given me the foundation of understanding the importance of presentation. Dealing with hundreds of candidates, I questioned what made me remember one candidate over another! The conclusion I came too, was always how they were presented in what they were wore and their body language.

I followed my passion and decided that helping people is something I enjoyed and I want others to experience the wonderful journey of self discovery that I have enjoyed.   Through Colour Me Beautiful, I completed a certified course so I can help other women find their natural beauty and build their confidence in everything that they do. I am part of a wonderful group Image Innovators Ltd, and trained at the Makeup School, Ponsonby in new techniques for makeup application. And recently trained as a manicurist , working with natural healthy products to help enhance the natural nail, because I believe one can achieve beautiful results with natural products.

Natural Style was born! My ethos is that everyone can feel amazing no matter what shape you are, learn how to flatter your good bits and hide those not so nice bits, wearing the colours that naturally make you look beautiful. Creating a versatile wardrobe full of clothes that you LOVE to wear whether you are running down to the park with the kids, or heading off to the office. And most of all giving you the opportunity to get to know yourself and how you can simplify, organise and enjoy life.

Janine  xx