Bio Sculpture Nail Services

Grooming is very much part of your overall Image, and where ever possible I aim to use natural products. I am so excited to be offering this service now. I have been a Bio Sculpture user for many many years. I personally have such soft weak nails that never grow and Bio Sculpture was one product that made the world of difference to me personally, so when I found myself in a position to offer my clients this amazing product and service I jumped at the opportunity!

Bio Sculpture is more than just a colour gel application, it is a treatment for all nail types, it  is a healthy gel solution for nails.

Quality that is inspired by nature. Bio Sculpture nail care product that offer a 5 Star safety rating.

No damage, no dehydration Just beautiful nails.

Bio Sculpture gel cares about natural nail health. Bio Sculpture is free of formaldehyde.formaldehyde resin. Toluene. DBP or camphor and is strictly animal cruelty free and 100% Vegan

$55 Gel Overlay

$45 Polish Mani

$4 Silk Repair

$5 Gel removal

As this is a treatment based product Please allow 1.5 hours to 2 hours for this service.

Beautiful at home products for purchase available too to assist  you in your healthy nail care.