Connecting Personal Style and Wellbeing

Have you every thought about the difference between Fashion and Personal Style? Fashion is what is popular at the time, it is ever changing and morphing with the design on technical rather than personal. In these modern times, the change happens quicker and quicker, long gone are the days when you had to wait months […]

For Shoes Sake

Shoes can say a 1000 words.They let the world know a little more about who you are, without you having to say a word. Shoes have the ability to show personality and add flavour to your visual message or just be practical for the purpose for which  they are required. Each shoe type has a […]

Petite Proportions

Do you struggle to find clothing that fits properly? Do you often feel like you have borrowed some else’s attire? Feel the headache coming on already? The struggle is real! I have been amazed at the number of women I have met who are petite. Being petite myself, I can relate to the frustration of […]