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Colour and Style Experience

Discover yourself


Personal Styling 

A personal style session is wonderful way to learn more about yourself. What you like and why! Yes we all have our own unique style personality, and when you know yours that's when you will understand the WHY behind some of favourite pieces. 
We are constantly changing and evolving , and it is healthy to do so.! It helps keep our wardrobes fresh so we don't feel stuck.
Personal style reflects your personality and your lifestyle.
I believe we should take some time to get to know ourselves a little better, give ourselves the time to learn about our: 

Face Shapes 

Body Shapes
And accessories that work for us 
Included in this session is a Style Personality quiz and a booklet filled with information and a follow up email from me to check in and see how your are doing.  As a trained Style coach let me take you on your Style is journey


$160  - 60min 


Personal Colour Analysis 

Colour affects us in many ways. It is a silent language which says a lot about us without even saying a word.

When you know your own colours and how it can work in harmony with your natural beauty you will never look at colour the same again!

Investing in your colours will give you the confidence to purchase items that you love to wear or to try something different.

When you wear the right colours you will look fresher, healthier and you will have a natural glow and be in harmony with the colour.


  •  A detailed description on Colour and contrast levels

  • A 30 Page E – Booklet filled with information on your personal colours and how to use it successfully

  • A high quality Colour swatch to use when you go shopping


$220  - 90min 

Virtual Colour  available too - please enquire 

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