Connecting Personal Style and Wellbeing

Have you every thought about the difference between Fashion and Personal Style?

Fashion is what is popular at the time, it is ever changing and morphing with the design on technical rather than personal. In these modern times, the change happens quicker and quicker, long gone are the days when you had to wait months for a new style to hit the streets. These days they are changing weekly, sometimes daily, it is what we now call fast fashion. There is so much choice that we can get confused with how fashion looks on others vs themselves with Social media and magazines playing a very influential part in our decision making with fashion.

Where Personal Style is a way of expressing ourselves through what we wear, it is a way of telling the world who you are without even saying a word! It means you are creating a flattering outfit to suit your personality, that you truly identify yourself as a unique individual. When you are comfortable with your personal style, you are reflecting confidence, your personality, your lifestyles, your personal goals and aspirations.

Taking the time to discover your personal style takes effort, but once you embark on this journey it gives you a much deeper connection with yourself and can drastically improve your well-being. There is an important link between the mind and the body and how we feel physically. Choosing to get to know you and wearing the well-fitting clothes that reflect you, is a wonderful opportunity to increase your self-esteem.

A great start is to think of 3 Words that best describe YOU, when you walk out the door for your day, ask yourself, do I represent those 3 unique words? Dressing your silhouette is one element but dressing who you really are is so rewarding.

Janine – Naturalstyle
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