Just Colour – 1.5 hours

Colour affects us in many ways. It is a silent language which says a lot about us without even saying a word.

When you know your own colours and how it can work in harmony with your natural beauty you will never look at colour the same again!
Investing in your colours will allow give you the confidence to purchase items that you love to wear.

When you wear the right colours you will look, fresher, healthier and you will have a natural glow and be in harmony with the colour.

What to expect:

• In this session additional larger fabrics including the flow fabrics are used to have a more in-depth analysis.     Included we discuss how colours can be used to achieve effects that would be helpful when creating   your outfit.
• Learn how to understand contrast levels and how to make it work for your personal contrast levels.

A detailed Colour booklet is included in this session as well a Colour Fan.


2 Replies to “Just Colour – 1.5 hours”

  1. The Style and Colour sessions with Janine have started me on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. I’m so enjoying my new colours, and am finding the colour fan super helpful! I’ve discarded quite a few ‘not quite right’ clothes that I’ve kept for way too long, and have more confidence in putting together outfits. I’ve been trying new combinations and getting lots of compliments, and have been sharing my excitement with all my friends, and even the odd stranger.



  2. Spending time with Janine has really made me understand about colours and how to make them work for different people.
    I found this knowledge to be extremely helpful – most especially when planning my wedding last year.
    I’m a major pink girl, particularly hot pink, so when it came to planning bridesmaid dresses – I didn’t give it a second thought, I just assumed that they would be hot pink.
    I didn’t take into account that just because the hot pink suited my personal colouring did not mean that it would suit everyone else’s. At the first dress fitting when we held up the hot pink fabric to my fair skinned, blonde bridesmaids – they were totally drowned by the colour. So we decided to change tactic and switched to a light pink. The softer, more understated tones complimented their colouring so much better. The girls looked beautiful on the day.
    Thank you Janine for your sharing your expertise – it really is life-changing!

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