About Natural Style

Healthy beauty is something I feel super passionate about. In this modern day world where we are surrounded and inundated by all sorts of beauty products and fashion, we can find ourselves feeling a little confused or lost. Finding that balance between your beauty regime and the fashion that is personal and healthy couldn't be more important today. The mind body connection is real! 

Natural Style Beauty, comes from a place of love and respect. A space where you can come and relax and take care of yourself and love your natural beauty. 

As a Qualified Beauty Therapist and  Personal Stylist I would love to share my passion of healthy beauty and personal style and help you find that balance so you can give yourself the love and compassion your skin mind and body so deserves. 


My Philosophy - Equanimity 


Keeping it simple, stripping beauty back and finding the balance. Having a healthy respect for your Mind, Body and Skin with a focus on your natural beauty using ingredients that nourish and feed the skin.  Taking it slow through creating rituals as good things take time.