“I have been wanting to do a Personal Style and Colour session for  number of years as I invest a reasonable amount of time and money on clothes, although sometimes struggle to find the right items to make me look and feel good. I did some research on the web to find a personal stylist and had a good feeling about ‘Natural Style’, so I booked a session and am so glad that I did.


I met the warm and lovely Janine for a Personal Style and Colour session – it was fun and very informative – I learned a lot about myself through Janine’s intuition, experience and some valuable tools. I opted to include the colour palette, which I take shopping with me and find very useful. I followed up with a Make-up session – also incredibly helpful, as I came away looking and feeling great and now have an excellent online shop to buy beautiful and ethical make-up that is great for my sensitive skin.


The experience was fantastic and I highly recommend Janine…not only will you get a lot out of the sessions, but also the follow-up care and support as you progress through your journey.


Janine – a big thank you for a fantastic experience and your generous and ongoing support. You are a beautiful lady!” – Natalie


“A very focused, friendly and helpful service with good follow up and ongoing support. A great way to refresh yourself and buy more wisely in the future! ” Liz


“What a FABULOUS experience! Janine was kind, warm and welcoming, but best of all had a huge fountain of knowledge of style and colours – something that will completely reshape the way I will shop in the future! It was a great interactive session where I learnt what colours suited my skin tone and how to wear my clothes (not to let my clothes wear me!) I have already recommended this experience to all my friends – if your thinking about a style/colours consultation Natural Style should DEFINITELY be your first port of call!! Thank you so much Janine!!! ” – Nicole


“Janine is very talented and skilled at knowing the right dress style – she has an awesome eye for picking out what looks best on me and how to wear clothes so they suit my frame. The colours were awesome that she chose for me and the handy swatch is great to have in my handbag when shopping. Thanks Janine – it was an awesome makeover and very helpful! “- Rachael


“Thank you Janine for such an informative make up lesson yesterday. It was very thorough and helpful. I loved the finished look and all the extra little fun tips you gave me for my upcoming special occasion. I am looking forward to trying them out! “- Elaine


“I came away from having style and colour consultation feeling empowered and understood and having the freedom to be me!! Thank you so much Janine! “- Carolyn


“The Style and Colour sessions with Janine have started me on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. I’m so enjoying my new colours, and am finding the colour fan super helpful! I’ve discarded quite a few ‘not quite right’ clothes that I’ve kept for way too long, and have more confidence in putting together outfits. I’ve been trying new combinations and getting lots of compliments, and have been

sharing my excitement with all my friends, and even the odd stranger.”

Thanks!  Theresa


“I enjoyed meeting you, seeing you personally and how you live out your colours in home and person was very inspiring indeed and so professional, top of the range.  The quality of the draping colour ranges, seeing colour boards and cards etc as well as the golds and silvers was impressive and instantly helpful.  Seeing how marvelous you looked in all aspects along with your passion landed well on me. Thank you” – Allie


“Thank you Janine for a fabulous fun night with the staff. I am sure everyone went away with some new tip regarding their colours or make-up.” Janet


“Janine is a Warm, lovely caring person. The styles consultation and colour has really changed my way of buying clothes for me …….I look forward to more of her knowledge and assistance in the future…..Thanks Janine for unlocking the colour world, style etc. for me… All the best…..highly recommend Janine… Thank you for the follow ups …” – Judi


I have recently had a colour session with Janine – it was brilliant! I’ve told friends and family about it and recommended her to them! 

Janine really spent time explaining what she was doing and seeing with the different colours she trailed on me, I learnt so much about my own colouring and why certain things look better on me/ I lean towards specific colours. It was very interesting! 

Janine was extremely thorough and made sure I understood why my colour swatch that was selected worked with my natural skin colour, eye colour and hair tone. I left feeling like I had so many new tools to be able to use while shopping for clothes and also when selecting outfits to wear each day.Janine has kept in touch since our colour session via email and has made sure I understand what we discussed, and I was able to ask her questions about a dress I was looking to buy for a family wedding. I would highly recommend Janine for anyone looking to have a colour session or styling session – she’s so professional, friendly and very knowledgeable! Thank you! Elizabeth