The Pie in the sky or shall I say wardrobe?

Too often we land up splurging our hard earned $$ on items that look amazing, but they don’t really fit in our current lifestyle.  Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it much more rewarding to wake up and stand in front of your wardrobe and find it an inspiring extension of you? While this sounds like a dream it most certainly is achievable with a bit of practice and effort.

Clothes that flatter your shape, age, current lifestyle and blends with your personality provides you with a lot more choices.

How you say?

Making use of a lifestyle pie chart to break up the % of current clothes you own vs your lifestyle, if the clothes you own don’t meet the requirements of your lifestyle, you will feel you don’t have anything to wear.  Hence the reason you run out to the shops to purchase more again.
Start by breaking your clothing requirements up into categories: You can choose how you name them relevant to what you are doing in your life.

  • Home
  • Special Occasions
  • General errands
  • Work
  • Gym
  • Going out

Slice these categories into your sections within your Pie chart, your clothes should be reflective of % time spent doing that function in your chart. If you find you have to many special occasion dresses and yet you spend more time at home, then this is an area you need to work on.

Making use of the Pie can help you make more informative decisions on where you spend you $.

Janine – Naturalstyle

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